Saturday, March 01, 2003

A post from Fernie, B.C.

Skiing has been great -- haven't 'boarded yet, but think I'll get the snowboard out of the locker tomorrow. Because this is a Learning Diary, I thought I'd connect and post a couple of things I learned today:

When the signs say "Marginal Skiing, Not Recommended" you might consider turning around and heading back the way you came (this is what I did -- I walked back down to where I took this pic and descended from there).

After his descent Eric remarked that a "Skull and Crossbones" might have been a more appropriate marker than the Double-Black Diamond marking access to the Knot Chutes at Fernie.

Pic of Eric making his ascent to the Knot Chutes

The view from the top of Fernie is spectacular -- even on a cloudy day

Pic of Eric from the top of the hill at Fernie -- you can see the townsite in the background (top left)

It's hard to take a self-portrait at the top of a mountain when both you and your camera are shaking -- in this case, me from fear and the camera because the wind was blowing it, and bamboo pole to which it was attached, back and forth. (Eric had already begun his descent by the time I took this pic).

Pic of Doug from the top of the hill at Fernie

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