Saturday, November 02, 2002

I'm looking forward to getting back to shool. I'm in the process of putting together a proposal for my Major Research Project (MRP) for my Master's of Education degree at OISE/UT. My intention is to leverage the work that I've done on the SMARTEO model and apply it to have learners use "online self-organizing social systems" to meet their own education, professional development and training needs.

I'm excited by the prospect of an "of the people, by the people, for the people" approach to online-based education -- as outlined in the SMARTEO model. I'm especially intrigued by how face-to-face (F2F) and online "conferencing" impact those educating themselves about technology in general and SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboards in particular.

Furthermore, what benefits are gained from a group or team approach which involves SMART Roomware(TM) to build knowledge and educate all "stakeholders."

Click here for an *.rtf version of the SMARTEO whitepaper.

Friday, November 01, 2002

A Happy (belated) Halloween to all.

I travelled back to the Great White North from LAX on All Hallows Eve. Palm trees to snowshoes. (snow on the ground and daytime "highs" around freezing in Calgary).

I'd expected the passengers to be the wild ones outta Los Angeles but the "scariest" thing I saw was an Air Canada ticket/gate agent -- in a "Friday the 13th'd" goalie mask -- telling the passenger he'd just checked-in to: "Have a scary flight!"

He kept his mask on throughout the boarding process and it took everything I have not to comment as he looked at the picture in my passport.

The highlight of my trip to southern California -- notwithstanding my encounter with "Jason" -- was my visit to Yucca Valley High School. I worked with faculty of the Math and Science departments there who can really make the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard (SBiw) sing. I was there to deliver a SMART Master's On-site session on the SBiw and learned a great deal from these "power users."

Sunday, October 27, 2002

A post from California's San Fernando Valley.

I flew into LAX last evening, picked up a rental car and made my way to Chatsworth, CA.

In the next week I'll be delivering SMART Master's event and on-site sessions in Chatsworth, Pomona, Yucca Valley and Anaheim, California.

This will involve considerable driving on the freeways of Southern California. Regular readers of this diary will remember my posts of a couple of weeks back regarding my adventures on the highways around the Toronto area. From what I've seen so far, let's say that if the freeways in Southern Ontario are "Triple A," those of Southern California are the "Big Leagues."

I have an Italian restaurant to recommend for those visiting Chatsworth. Last night I went to Sergio's for dinner and was very impressed with the food. Definitely worth checking out for those who like Italian food. I had the Shrimp Italiano -- delicious. My only quibble, and it's minor, is that I they don't make cappucinos.