Saturday, December 14, 2002

Friday, December 13, 2002

Another post from the road, this time from the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport. I'm at the Ameritech "service center" using the provided connection to make this post.

I'm assured there is no charge for local calls; however, I had to use my credit card to make a call which kinda begs a question -- here's hoping.

Today's session in Irvington went well and I enjoyed my visit to upstate New York. I find that I'm energized each time I get near the Big Apple. It really is a remarkable spot.

Next week I'm off to Ventura, CA early in the week. There was some talk that I'd be extending my stay with a trip to San Diego at the end of the week, but I'm not sure if that'll happen.

I'm happy that I've got a break coming up between Christmas and the New Year. For the most part I enjoy travel, but I'm looking forward to staying home for a bit and catching my breath.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

A quick post from Elmsford, New York.

I'm here over night ahead of a SMART Master's On-site session tomorrow morning in Irvington, NY.

Again I'll be working with a group of educators looking for ways to integrate SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboards into curriculum development and delivery in the classroom.

Following the session it's back to LaGuardia for a flight to Calgary, by way of Minneapolis, for the weekend.

On Monday, I'm off to Ventura, CA to deliver another on-site session.

I'd hoped to post a picture I took today on the way into LaGuardia, but I'm not able to edit the photo to reduce file size with the software available on this computer, and I don't want to post pictures that will be too big to be readily accessed by dialup readers of this blog.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

More technical difficulties. My home PC has crashed hard. Toward the very end of today's 6:38:58 PM post, the "blue screen of death" reared its ugly head.

The poor thing is still locked up and I'm going to have to unplug it to have any hope of seeing something other than blue emanating from the attached monitor.

The good news is that had saved my post on the server.

Once I connected another computer over dialup I was able to publish the earlier post and make this one.

Blogger and dialup to the rescue once again!

This entry is to explain what's going on in the posts from Oct 22 -- 25 and Dec 5 -- 6. In the fall and again today, with last week's pics, I managed to corrupt the link to a graphic. This in turn disabled the edit function for the post with the graphic and the one before it.

There's nothing I can do to fix it. I can see the broken link but can't change or repost it.

Right-click on the broken link and choose Properties -- you'll be able to see the first part of the mess that supposed to be the link (URL) for the picture.

I've got a call into my friends at blogger

I'm sure Evan Williams and his crew will be able to help me out. They've have done a remarkable job of providing a "post from anywhere there's a phone jack and a dial tone" medium.

I joked last year that it once was, "whatever happens on the road, stays on the road." Now it's "whatever happens on the road, goes on the web."

This year it was true, where I haven't broken the links ;-)

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Another picture from the start of the Women's Downhill and Super G.

This time with the FIS Start Referee, Eric Henry -- barely visible inside the tent.

Eric is a great guy and treated us to daily weather reports from Sydney, Australia over the Race Jury Channel before each race. It was +41 C one day!

Eric Henry, Start Referee, barely discernible inside the Start Tent for the Women's Winterstart Downhill and Super G races at Lake Louise

He and his wife Jackie travel from Down Under each year to work the races at

Both are great people and big contributors to the success of each year's races at the Lake.

A picture of Sam, the lab, on Lake Louise

I'm still trying to find some time to edit and post some more pictures from my week at Lake Louise, but it might be a while. In the next week I've got trips to New York, NY and Ventura, CA.

On top of that, I've just completed the intake survey for my next course at OISE/UT CTL 1799H SV Special Topics in Curriculum: Enhancing Holistic Learning with Computer Technology with Dr S. Karsten.

This will be the first course that I've taken that uses both OISENet's First Class and WebKF -- so far it has been one or the other -- for course content. Checking two sources for posts from colleagues may take a little getting used to.

I've come to prefer First Class although I must say that the "look and feel" of WebKF has improved since I saw it last.

"Classes" don't begin until the beginning of next month, but my experience in the couple of online courses I've taken to date has taught me that getting a jump on the action is always advisable.

I'm also thinking long and hard about my decision to take two courses in the spring semester.

Two courses and a nearly constant travel schedule may not work -- I've got slightly less than a month make up my mind.

As always, watch this space for updates.

Monday, December 09, 2002

More about this year's World Cup Downhill at Lake Louise.

The track at the Lake is for the women what Kitzb├╝hel is for the Men == the hardest course on the circuit, and pretty much the limit of human physical and mental endurance.

Travelling at speeds in excess of 100 KPH on skis takes something not many people have. Some veterans on the Net Crew at the race sport shirts with the following:

Slalom and GS and are disciplines . . . downhill is a cult.