Wednesday, November 19, 2003

A post from the airport in Dallas (DFW) via a wireless connection.

Thanks to my buddy Phil for the wireless card that made this post possible.

I wasn't able to find a free "hotspot" and had to pay for the connection, but the $6.95 for the connection through midnight today is much better than the "$0.50/minute" they want at the "laptop kiosk" to my right.

I land back in Calgary at about 2200 hrs this evening. Tomorrow I'm in the office and then first thing Friday morning I'm off to work the World Cup Races at Lake Louise.

They've already had more than a metre of snow at the top of the mountain (120 cm) -- which bodes well -- not only for the races, but for the general public as well. It's been a few years since we've had lots of snow and I for one am excited.

It's been a while since we've had too much snow for the races (believe it or not this can be a problem. If it continues to snow heavily, crews will need to "groom" the course -- with snowcats, shovels and skis -- to remove the excess) but it is better than not having enough ;-)

Check out the Snow Report for the latest conditions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Here's another gem from Daily Links @ and Jay Cross and his colleagues at

The provocatively titled blog entry -- We are the Problem: We are selling Snake Oil -- and the responses it has generated over the past couple of days, is a prime example of power of 'net-based collaboration.

I know from my experience as an on-line student @ OISE/UT that on-line "knowledge building" works. It's nice to see an example in the "real world" -- very cool and power stuff. A practical example of how powerful a learning medium the net can be; notwithstanding, the prevalence of "snake oil" ;-)

Sunday, November 16, 2003

On the road again....

Home for a few hours -- long enough to do some laundry and attend last night's annual party @ SMART.

A special thanks to Dave and Nancy, our hosts, for a wonderful party. It was good to see "all hands on deck" and get together. My travel schedule means I haven't seen the gang in Calgary as much as I'd like, and last night provided a good opportunity to visit with colleagues. The food and beverage and entertainment were excellent as well -- thank you.

This afternoon I head to Memphis ahead of a training session for faculty and staff of the Marion Independent School District in Marion, AR.

I'm looking forward to a return trip to Memphis and I'm debating spending the ~$25 for the Platinum Tour @ Graceland. Here's a pic I took last May.

As always, watch this space for updates ;-)