Thursday, July 22, 2004

Back to the Island

Thanks to Marc for hosting this year's Philgrimage, Ray for the great shirt and all in attendance for a great time.
The "Philgrimage" is a quasi-annual get-together that we have among a group of friends who went to high school together and have kept in touch over the years. There's been a couple of guest attendees over the years, and they've become regulars.... Once you've been it's hard to stay away.

Also had a chance to spend time with family across the province. It's especially good to see nieces and nephews and chart their growth. I miss seeing the kids as they grow up and there's never enough time to get around and see everyone, or do all the things I'd like -- guess that's the hallmark of a successful vacation. 

Here's a low res version of a panoramic photo I made from stitching together a series of pics I took standing on the dock at my mother's cottage on the Madawaska River near Burnstown, ON. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Greetings from Almonte, ON. 

I'm making this post just prior to heading to the airport to make the trek to Victoria via Calgary on WestJet.

It's been a great couple of weeks with lots of golf and visiting with family and friends all over Ontario.  Hope to have a couple of pictures of the vacation posted here in the next few days....