Friday, January 20, 2006


Once again, I'm happy to have this space as a "backup" for my "online presence" when an experiment at my web site doesn't work as it might >;-)

Dave and Jeff were talking about PLE near the end of last week's show, and I think that "personal learning environments" are great, but they aren't all gravy. I use my site as a "sandbox" to play with "free" and open-source" software applications. For the last while I've been using Drupal. I hadn't bothered to try accessing my site with IE, until in a meeting downtown today.

Here's what Rob at my ISP had to say in response to an email.
Updating a production site to a beta piece of software is a very bad idea because things like this can happen and there is really nothing we can do until they release a final version.
Rob recommends that I restore a pre-update version of the site and I may do that, but I figure I might as well keep "messing around" given the fact that it still works in Firefox, and it seems as tho' only the "front page" is broken in IE (links to "non-front-page" pages seem to still work). I'm also confident that it's something I've done whilst messing with settings that causing IE to choke.

Those who seek out my ramblings on the 'net. And yes, I do have an audience (meagre as it may be ;-) and the "die-hards" know to check this space when one of my "experiments" at samlab gets away on me.

I've begun hosting the EdTechTalk Brainstorming "B" Sessions at 0300 am GMT on Sundays (Saturday night in North America).

Join us in the chatroom or VoIP with Skype and join the conversation. In addition to a computer with Skype installed, you'll need a microphone and headphones. As a listener to the stream, you need to stop the stream BEFORE joining the conference. This serves three purposes:
  1. It prevents hearing loss on the part of participants of the "live" show

  2. Greatly improves the quality of the audio

  3. Cuts down on the amount of "post-production" needed

Hope to "see" you online this weekend. Here's a link to a chat I had last night with Art Gelwicks. It's about 13 minutes long, and just over 3 MB in size. I'm posting it here to test how it reacts in Internet Explorer.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

keeping up

I haven't been keeping up with posting here. I've become intrigued by the possibilities presented by the API from Google Maps and have been playing with that. The reason that the video below (in the previous post for those of you in the archive ;-) isn't playing may be due it's file size (too big for my account at From what I can see of the code, it should work.