Saturday, June 28, 2003

The Web Resources – Grants page @ EDcompass is definitely worth a look.

Educators will find links to granting foundations and "jump pages" with links to others.

Friday, June 27, 2003

I recognize that there are marked improvements in the interface I'm using to write this.

You can't see it, but the interface this text is being typed into is "sleeker" than it was a short while ago. (Google purchased Blogger a while back and the posting interface is showing the infusion of $)

There've been a bunch of XML- and javascript-based improvements -- save your post notices and such -- to the interface.

I'm surprised by my negative reaction to the change. Even though I appreciate the improvements, I'm still "out of my comfort zone."

For now, I'm already getting used to it and am sure I'll be a big fan in no time ;-)

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Today I learned that connecting webCams is a "non-trivial" -- as our programmers call them -- problem when it comes to my webMedia exploits.

Better have the feed if you intend to 'cast moving video. I was wrangling with XP and v6 of MSN Messenger. The camera I've been using all along wouldn't work, so I pulled out the ATI "All-in-wonder-USB" card and hooked-up my Olympus C720.

It took a bit o' work, but I was able to get a feed going for a while.

The point of all the "technological hijinx" is that I'm intent on generating the "on-line self-organizing social systems" (Wiley 2002) I've been going-on about since the beginning of this diary.

Today I was looking at the examples posted on this page, hosted by TechSmith and it got me thinking about my Objects in Action page.

My "objects" above are by no means exemplars; however, I'd love to see what some motivated on-line educational researchers could do with our software @ SMART Technologies Inc.

If nothing else, I hope it encourages you to say, "I can do better than that." Even better if you post examples ;-) Let's see what you've made on SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboards and software.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

More about Bridgit.

My webMedia experiment continues. The current conference includes live video from Calgary, AB.

webMedia_VI is shared from my desktop. I have a webCam and a "sign-in" page use the Pen tool in Bridgit to add your name or mark.

Sunday, June 22, 2003