Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Follow this link to access a PDF version of the SMART Education Object SMARTEO "whitepaper."

Those that need it can click here to access Acrobat (i.e., PDF) Reader.

Monday, May 06, 2002

Well, I finally got my paper for OISE/UT CTL 1606 submitted. It presents the research behind the SMART Education Object (SMARTEO) -- my proposal for an object-based educational strategy for my employer SMART Technologies, Inc. I'll post a link to the paper when it's ready for public consumption

NOTE: I offer this public apology to Professor Owen for the paper's state as it arrived in his inbox last eve. Given it was overdue I sent it without a "printed edit." My printer is out of ink and I didn't want to leave it to this morning to get it off to him. It'd been due the previous Wed. and I was anxious to get it submitted ASAP. I found a few minor edits I needed to make. I guess my excuses are indeed my own and there's mine.

This link outlines the SMARTEO in its current (06 May 02) state.
I used the post as HTML function of SMART Ideas(R) to make the model. It is extremely basic -- some might say crude -- by design. The goal is to provide enough of a framework to be useful without being overly prescriptive. The hope is that this will facilitate constructivist object building for both technical and non-technical learners. Pick a subject and your choice of media and make a SMARTEO.