Saturday, February 22, 2003

Here's a very interesting link to Low Threshold Applications (LTAs). Check out the "open" and "resource" links at the bottom of the page.

Check out the examples cited by Charles Ansorge and you'll see references to our old friend Hot Potatoes and other gems like this one.

I happened across LTA while exploring the site of this year's teachlearn. Our professor in CTL 1799, Selia Karsten, is presenting at this year's conference in Jacksonville. Thanks to Dr. Karsten for pointing me to these great resources.

A couple of pics from our trip to Mexico:

A picture of the beach at sunset

To get the picture below I "ducked down" behind a wave, took the pic and stood quickly to avoid dunking self and camera.

A picture of the beach at sunset

Friday, February 21, 2003

Made it back from Mexico. Today we experienced a 50 degree change in temperature -- +32 to -20 Celsius -- as we ventured back to the Great White North and left the tropics behind

We had a great time in Nuevo Vallarta. The weather was sunny and warm throughout our visit. The highlights of the trip, aside from the spectacular weather and hanging on the beach, were swimming with the dolphins and dinner -- seafood platter for two -- at the Palomar restaurant. Both highly recommended.

I'll post some pictures from our trip in the coming days.