Sunday, March 02, 2003

Made it home in one piece from Fernie.

I can tell you I was very happy to have my transceiver sending a signal as I trekked down from the top o' the Knot Chutes. The snow was quite deep and I recognized that a "boot packing" descent through thigh deep snow is one sure way to test the stability of a snowpack on a steep slope ;-)

Fernie offers much for skiers and 'boarders of all ability levels and inclinations. Great "bunny hill" and "green-circle" facilities; "blue-square" cruisers and relative steeps; "black diamond" bumps, steeps, trees; and "double-black diamond" or "extreme terrain" that'll truly test your abilities.

  • the "colours-shapes" outlined above indicate the relative difficulty -- of the runs at that area. Fernie truly offers "something for everyone. A word of caution to those heading to the "double-black/extreme" end of the scale. Know that they mean it ;-)

  • it was snowing heavily when we left Fernie at noon today. Those (many) I saw sporting I LOVE BIG DUMPS stickers will be happy

Stopped in Sparwood, BC to take some pictures of the World's Biggest Truck -- there may now be ones larger, but this one has twelve-foot tires. It's suspension shocks looked like those ones you see in domes and sports stadiums as part of the structure -- massive.

An impressive "ride" to be sure.

Picture of George and Eric (from left) in front of 'the Truck' in Sparwood, BC

As we were leaving, we watched one happy tourist get half-way up the front-left tire before he fell to the ground. He lay where he landed -- the concrete "pad" you can see under the tire -- for a while, but eventually got up and "walked it off."

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