Friday, September 24, 2004

Island conference

Here's a modified invitation written by Bridgit:

You've been invited to join a conference using Bridgit Conferencing Software.
Click this link to join the conference automatically (when the dialog appears, click 'Open').
NOTE: If cookies aren’t enabled in your Web browser, please enter this server name when prompted: Then select 'Island Greetings' from the list of active conferences.

Enter the password Victoria to join the 'Island Greetings' conference.

NOTE: Today's conference has ended -- thanks to those who participated!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

New release of conferencing software

Regular readers of this forum will know that I was employed as the Training Developer for SMART Technologies Inc. from July 2000 through February of this year. This experience taught me, among many other things, that SMART makes first-rate software and hardware.

This evening I had a chance to take the latest version (2.O.1.69) of Bridgit for a test drive with my buddy Gary--another former SMARTian--and I like what I see.

I'm especially keen on the webcam feature they've incorporated into the interface.

Visit this space tomorrow for a link to a conference featuring a webcam, my laptop, and a wireless connection from somewhere on Vancouver Island.

Wireless enabled

This is a post from my newly installed 802.11g wireless network. After weeks of "issues" with a "wired" router, I decided yesterday to seek out and install a wireless router.

I'm impressed with the range of my new Linksys wireless router and look forward to being able to roam around my new "hotspot" and being able to access my network from anywhere in, or around, the house. As always, watch this space for details.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tom in Ireland

Here's a picture of my buddy Tom outside a pub in Ireland during a recent golf vacation on the Emerald Isle.

As I mentioned to Tom in a recent email, he'll have to make Vancouver the destination for his next island golf excursion.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Nothing to report on the school front. Still not sure that I'll have a course this semester. Indeed, I just sent an email asking Dr. Smyth what's the latest that she'll be accepting students into the fall section of her course.

Notwithstanding enrolment in a course this semester, I'm still working on logistics for my "major research project." I'm determined that the project will benefit "at risk" youth in terms of "literacy" but am still struggling with how exactly to make that a reality.

As always, watch this space for details.