Tuesday, July 23, 2002

An edited version of a post I made today to my KMDI journal

I continue to be impressed with the way the series evolved over the spring. I was especially impressed with the way Dr. Baecker and his staff responded to feedback I provided regarding my experience and that of classmates attempting to attend the webcasts. All aspects of the series -- from production to archiving -- underwent significant improvement over the course of the 2002 series. I'm excited about next year's offerings. I'm particularly interested in the "social" aspects of technology and how groups of learners at remote sites might engage and build a knowledge base.

Ideally I'll one day have a journal like this describing my online participation in a course offered by the KMDI.

I'm half-tempted to write and ask Drs. Baecker and Nolan if I can be an online participant (auditor?) of the inaugural offering of KMDI 1000Y this fall.