Thursday, January 16, 2003

That was nasty. I just lost a whole bunch o' web work I'd done when the application (homestead) I was working in crashed on me. It had already been acting-up with my Zone Alarm (Zone Alarm is "must have" firewall software for anyone, and especially Cable/DSL- connected computers) and I'd had to shut it down and it got worse from there.

I was cutting and pasting from a QuickTopic "Document Review" I'd set up, when it up and "peformed an illegal operation and will be shut down" on me. Now there's one for ya, given the "learning" nature of this diary.

In the time I've been involved studying and teaching technology you'd think that I'd have at least learned to SAVE my work along duh way. Most "web" applications don't allow you to save your work (to your computer as well as the server), but this one does and I didn't take advantage. The learning continues. . . .

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I learned today that you're well advised to leave lots of (walking to the terminal) time when making early-morning car rental returns to Reagan National Airport, in Washington, D.C.

There's purported to be a shuttle to the terminals. I eventually left a growing group of would-be commuters and set off on foot to find Terminal A for the connection to Minneapolis, MN.

It wasn't too far, which was nice given the temperature -- about freezing.

Here's a picture I took as we were lining up to take off.

Picture from Reagan National Airport

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

A post from Arlington, VA.

Today I delivered a SMART Master's On-site session to staff of the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the Food and Drug Administration in Rockville, MD.

It was a pleasure to work with this group of scientific and technical users of the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard, and, as is the case with every session I deliver, I learned a lot from this group.

I'm learning that technology integrators, whether they work in education, government or industry, present a lot of the same issues as they struggle with how best to "roll out" technology within their organizations.

One common thread is that "end users" who don't clearly recognize the benefit of technology, will NOT expend the energy necessary to embrace and leverage technology in their day-to-day work.

To this end, it's particularly gratifying for me to witness the innovations I see on behalf of the "technical" educators, integrators, teachers and trainers with whom I work while delivering SMART Master's sessions on the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard.