Friday, September 12, 2003

A post from Lexington, KY.

I'm here following the sessions this week in Morehead and ahead of my trek to YYC, via Houston, in the morning. I'm happy that I'll be in Calgary in the early afternoon tomorrow -- not so enthused with the 0630 hrs departure time though.

Had a good week working with faculty and staff at Morehead State University and I'm looking forward to keeoing in touch regarding the good things they're doing with their SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboards.

I got to Kentucky last Sunday and as much as I've enjoyed my visit, I'm looking forward to getting home for a while.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Greetings from Morehead, Kentucky. I'm here to conduct a series of Master's sessions on the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard at Morehead State University.

Once again I'm excited by the prospect of conducting workshops for educators interested in leveraging interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

This week also marks the beginning of CTL 1000 -- Curriculum Foundations with Wayne Seller at OISE/UT. I'm really enjoying the courses I'm taking at OISE/UT. They amount to a lot of work -- especially given my travel schedule -- but I'm learning a lot and like the fact that I can apply my learning in the day-to-day work I do for SMART.

Nice to have the ability to apply theory to the "real world" on a continuing basis.