Friday, January 03, 2003

Met my friends Jim and Sandra at Lake Louise.

Here's a picture of the visitors from Ontario on the Larch chair this afternoon.

A picture of Jim and Sandra on the Larch chair at Lake Louise

This picture was taken at the top of the Friendly Giant chair, after we'd returned to the Front Side at the end of the day.

A picture of Jim and Sandra from the top of the Friendly Giant chair at Lake Louise

The new snow was a welcome addition at the Lake. We can always use more and the snowmakers are hard at work making more all over the "4200 skiable acres."

Here's hoping for a major dump of snow, or two, for the Alberta Rockies this winter.

Skiers and boarders will be appreciative, and all of us "downriver" could certainly use the moisture at spring runoff.

Gone to Lake Louise.

Check out the snowreport for current conditions -- they've had some snow overnight!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Here's a link about feedback on flexible learning from the Access and Equity in Online Learning bibliography:

Students' Feedback on Flexible Learning

One example of the first-rate links contained in the biblio from "Down Under," which yielded more valuable links.

One in particular . . .

The Critical Place of Information Literacy in the Trend Towards Flexible Delivery in Higher Education Contexts

. . . struck me as especially pertinent.

Participants need to be able to connect before inclination to join the discussion becomes an issue.

Today I've been looking for links to the list of asssigned readings for CTL1799.

Only a handful of the 50 cited readings have hyperlinks. I've found links to a few more readings on the list and learned that some journals have recently begun subscription services for online access to articles.

While snooping 'round the 'net I happened across a fabulous resource for "Practitioners and Researchers" of online learning.

Strategy 2001 Access and Equity in Online Learning
Joint Bibliography: Women Learners in VET & Isolated Metropolitan Learners (R020RLB)

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework is doing fantastic work in online education. The great bibliography above is posted in MS Word format.

For those without Word, here's an HTML version of the bibliography, compliments of Google.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all.
A special wish for a more peaceful year than current world circumstances might indicate.
Here's to diplomacy and peaceful resolutions.

I don't have any resolutions to share for the coming year; however, I have begun to turn my attention to school. Classes begin next Monday. To that end, I've updated my Objects in Action page.

The page contains examples of "objects" I hope to use in my work as Training Developer for SMART Technologies Inc. My online M.Ed. classes at OISE/UT provide direct experience in the value of online collaborative knowledge-building efforts.

The goal is to engender a discussion which leads to a community of stakeholders, which leads to an "online self-organizing social system" intent on leveraging techology for learning.

JOIN the discussion.

Monday, December 30, 2002

What a difference a day makes:

December 28, 2002
A picture of Sam, with the Calgary skyline in the background

December 29, 2002
A picture of Sam in the snow, with the Calgary skyline in the background

Woo hoo, we finally got some snow!