Sunday, September 15, 2002

Well -- looks like I've run out of options at OISE/UT this fall. Regular readers will know that I've had trouble registering for courses this fall. I thought I'd done what was needed to get registered -- obviously not. Given my experience in the fall I thought I'd be proactive and register for the winter term. Deadline to apply isn't until the 10th of December, but the one course I've checked on is full.

I'm disappointed and somewhat discouraged by this experience. My first reaction was to invoke the "where the sun don't shine" clause and take my business (read tuition dollars) elsewhere. It may still come to that, but, for now, I've decided to stick it out. I'm not sure what exactly I can do -- maybe "independent studies" is an option -- I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile I intend to continue my research into "online self-organizing social systems (OSOSS)." I've based my design of the SMART Education Object (SMARTEO) on OSOSS and continue to encourage stakeholders to provide feedback on the model and how they use it to design, develop and deliver curricula. I'll continue my research in this area -- whether or not it eventually leads to course credit -- and will use this forum to keep a record of proceedings while looking for an understanding faculty member.

NOTE: The model at the link above was produced with SMART Ideas(TM), concept-mapping software from SMART Technologies Inc. -- the model uses Scable Vector Graphics (SVG) and requires SVG Viewer from Adobe.