Friday, April 25, 2003

I was in looking at what Jay Cross was up to and see that internetime has become meta-time. Jay's moved from links -- 'net time was a "jump page" -- to a blog format.

Neat to see the evolution of on-line learning. To wit, Jay's entry today about the work of Wil Thalheimer.

Jay cited an improvement of 112% with e-learning, which sent me looking for an explanation. Here's what Thalheimer had to say:

E-learning is unique in its ability to easily utilize the four learning effects just described (spacing, delayed feedback, relearning, and reducing the retention interval). Totaling the percentage-improvement estimates (based on reasoned extrapolations from the research), e-learning can be expected to improve learning results by 112% or so. This number was conservatively estimated by adding the individual maximum estimates (40, 25, 110, 50) to get 225, and dividing that number in half to be conservative. Given e-learning’s unique capabilities, we can expect a well-designed e-learning program to outperform other types of learning programs by over 100%, a two-fold increase in learning.

Even if he's only half right, that's a big improvement. For me the accessibility that e-learning provides for learners is the key. The ability to post to forums like Jay's and participate in synchronous chat and webcasts means that anyone with a connection to the 'net can be part of a knowledge-building community.

Open-source intitiatives like those at OKI and eduCommons and CANCORE further broaden the scope of access of on-line education for all stakeholders.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

One good link deserves another. Here's one to my friend Drew Bennett's site.

I've known Drew since he was the proverbial "knee-high to a grasshopper." He's a talented young man and it's a pleasure to watch him grow and develop. Drew tells me he's planning a visit in Calgary on his way west to the coast, the middle of next month.

Employers in the Vancouver area looking for an accomplished musician, with the technical chops to produce his own recordings, might want to pay Drew's site a visit and drop him a line.

Drew at the mixing board

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Here's a graphic I got from my buddy Phil.

Who knew that the (former) Iraqi Information Minister was/is a fan of the Wings?

A picture of the Iraqi Information Minister offering his opinion on the fate of the Red Wings in the first round of this year's playoffs