Monday, March 24, 2003

Here's another version of the graphic posted to this space yesterday. This time I've changed the size of the graphic "at the source." I used Adobe PhotoDeluxe to "resize" the graphic to 284 X 77 pixels, I also defined these same dimensions in the HTML of this page.

The result is a file that has a size on disk of ~ 5 KB, thus making much more accessible to dialup users.

A panoramic picture of Calgary's downtown -- click to see a larger version of this picture

Click on the picture above to see its full-size version.

Compare the two pictures on this page, the ones from today and yesterday. To my eye, there isn't a lot of difference between the two. In fact the "softness" of the pic above makes it more visually appealing than that below. It also wins -- "hands down" -- when it comes to accessibility.

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