Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Got a couple of MOV (QuickTime) files made with the export function of Premier. I got one file small enough to post for dialup -- I'll switch from DSL to dialup to check it in a bit. Have a look.

Requires QuickTime to view. Click here to get the viewer.

This afternoon I had a chance use the Macintosh operating system(OS) and Windows Media Player for Mac to look at the WMV I'd posted.

I realize that using Windows software on a Mac may make me a heretic in the eyes of some, but I'm just trying to produce content that anyone with 28.8 or better can access.

So far the best I've been able to do with a video with a soundtrack is 1 MB or better. The sad truth is that I don't own that much space on any of my three 10 MB 'net service provider (ISP) accounts. I'm anxious to get a MOV file with sound posted to see how it streams.

Here's a work in progress -- What About Video? -- I hope to improve this page and its mates ahead of "prime time."

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