Monday, January 20, 2003

Well I'm back with a post. I've been busy with school and work and haven't had time to make a post, although I did get out for a little shinny with some colleagues from SMART on the weekend, that was good, although my lower back and hip-flexors are still a little stiff ;-)

Before and after hockey, I spent much of the weekend working with SMART Ideas(R) concept-mapping software and am having a great time mapping out ideas.

Posting SVG/HTML pages to servers allows group collaboration on the same document. Users and owners view/download/modify/save/upload SMART Ideas(R) files from a common server. Date and time stamping -- embedded in the generated HTML -- provides version control for the shared document.

A recording feature provides a movie of how your concept map was produced, this allows design partners to catch-up if they've not been privy to changes.

The best part is . . . any design partner with a connection to the net can be granted access to actively participate in the design process -- in real time on the server.

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