Saturday, January 25, 2003

Wow -- it's been a busy week. School and work have kept me hoppin' and learning. I learned, among other things:

  • It's a good idea to read all posts before making one of your own. We have two on-line interfaces we use for our course. First Class (client) and WebKF(web) provide opportunities to interact with course colleagues. I made a FC post a while back which contained some links to PPT viewers for PC and Mac as a response to a post of PPT > HTML by our prof. Last night I followed a thread of posts in WebKF with dealt with the issue of access to the PPT file in question quite fully. Guess I could argue that the post in FC provides access to some of the PPT-viewers mentioned in WebKF, if nothing else ;-)

  • I also learned (reaffirmed?) that synchronous on-line communication fosters the dynamic in "dynamic knowledge bases." Last night I had a chat with colleagues from CTL 1799. Our team is currently working to define our "mission". We've posted chat transcripts from each of the last two evening's chats in our "Team View" in WebKF with the hope that team members will read them, post any comments or questions and "times of availability" for chats in the coming week.

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