Thursday, January 16, 2003

That was nasty. I just lost a whole bunch o' web work I'd done when the application (homestead) I was working in crashed on me. It had already been acting-up with my Zone Alarm (Zone Alarm is "must have" firewall software for anyone, and especially Cable/DSL- connected computers) and I'd had to shut it down and it got worse from there.

I was cutting and pasting from a QuickTopic "Document Review" I'd set up, when it up and "peformed an illegal operation and will be shut down" on me. Now there's one for ya, given the "learning" nature of this diary.

In the time I've been involved studying and teaching technology you'd think that I'd have at least learned to SAVE my work along duh way. Most "web" applications don't allow you to save your work (to your computer as well as the server), but this one does and I didn't take advantage. The learning continues. . . .

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