Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I'm still trying to find some time to edit and post some more pictures from my week at Lake Louise, but it might be a while. In the next week I've got trips to New York, NY and Ventura, CA.

On top of that, I've just completed the intake survey for my next course at OISE/UT CTL 1799H SV Special Topics in Curriculum: Enhancing Holistic Learning with Computer Technology with Dr S. Karsten.

This will be the first course that I've taken that uses both OISENet's First Class and WebKF -- so far it has been one or the other -- for course content. Checking two sources for posts from colleagues may take a little getting used to.

I've come to prefer First Class although I must say that the "look and feel" of WebKF has improved since I saw it last.

"Classes" don't begin until the beginning of next month, but my experience in the couple of online courses I've taken to date has taught me that getting a jump on the action is always advisable.

I'm also thinking long and hard about my decision to take two courses in the spring semester.

Two courses and a nearly constant travel schedule may not work -- I've got slightly less than a month make up my mind.

As always, watch this space for updates.

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