Thursday, February 09, 2006


While I'm not able to be in Vancouver today (I'm heading over on the first ferry from Victoria tomorrow morning and look forward to the Edublogger Hootenanny, although I'll likely be late. Living on Vancouver Island is pretty cool, notwithstanding the logistical challenges it presents when you need to get somewhere :-)

I'm really looking forward to "attending" the Social Software Salon @ UBC via Skype today.

Provided it's ok with those participating, I intend to make an audio recording of proceedings with the intent of playing some excerpts during tonight's EdTechTalk Brainstorm.

I'm also happy to report that Charles Campbell--an "artist in residence" for the City of Victoria--will be by to talk about the podcasting project he's putting together with a group of youth here in Victoria. Here's a link to a newspaper article about Charles' project in Victoria.

Please join us this evening (in North America, the show starts at 0200 hrs GMT Friday) for what I hope will be a very interesting and informative show.

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