Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Beginning Coding for Drupal

Apologies for the brevity of my last post, it was composed on my cell phone. I'm back to report that the Beginning Coding for Drupal session was very informative. Aaron did a great job with the presentation. All the more given the fact that the room in which the session was held was nearly literally bursting at the seams from the numbers of those in his audience. All the chairs were taken early on, and many of us were sitting on the floor during his presentation.

It was very informative for me as someone who isn't much of a programmer to be able to see "under the hood" in terms of Drupal module development and to hear the questions that those in attendance had regarding Drupal development and how best to accomplish tasks in terms of design and implementation of Drupal, PHP and databases.

I'd hoped to include a picture of Aaron from today's session, but "technical difficulties" (I don't seem to have the USB cable for my camera with me) will preclude this, at least in the short term.

As always, watch this space for details.

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