Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blogging in Education at Northern Voice

Here's a link to a post from today by D'Arcy Norman The Vancouver Education Blogging Sessions from earlier in the week. Regular readers will know that I was able to listen in on the conversation via Skype, and did manage to capture a little bit of the audio from the Social Software Salon @ UBC on Thursday, which I played during the preshow for this week's EdTechTalk Brainstorming Session 22A.

As D'Arcy says in his post from today, Brian and Jason recorded audio from the session and will be posting these recordings -- I look forward to hearing these and will link to them once they're posted.

Unfortunately I missed yesterday's Edublogger Hootenanny due to the fact that I was "in transit" from Victoria and didn't get over in time; however, I'm happy to report that this afternoon's Blogging in Education
session will include "wrap-up of the Moose Camp Edublogger Hootenanny by Alan Levine (who has just posted the audio and notes from Nancy White's session this morning), D'Arcy Norman and Scott Leslie!" as an added bonus. I'll work on getting more audio and pics from the balance of the day and be back with more when I have it.

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