Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Surfing Controversy

Here's a link to the RSS feed for my files at Because I can identify my files in any manner I see fit, I have the ability to tag them in ways that may makes sense to me or colleagues with whom I'd like to share.

In the latest instance I can provide a link to a QuickTime file I produced by melding an AVI video file that I produced with my Pentax Optio S41 camera, a still picture with same, and a WAV file I captured with Windows Sound Recorder and the built-in microphone on my Dell laptop. Once again, thanks to for hosting the video.

I'd liked to have included a link to the Times-Colonist article mentioned in my latest "movie", but the T-C only offers 7 days for their free archive.

Some newspapers need to wake up to the fact that access -- in the way of a link from this post as an example -- is the key to them remaining relevant. The relevance, of course, is about being accessible from the 'net and less to do with this blog ;-)

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