Sunday, January 01, 2006

Cross Posting

At the risk of contravening "netiquette," this is an example of "cross-posting" due to the fact that it has also appeared in my space at

I've taken the liberty because of what I deem to be the importance of the message, and as a "hedge" in the interest of my audience until I decide what to do in terms of online posting and my growing number of web spaces.

I've been blogging for a while and my interest has recently returned to 'casting. Specifically what the individual 'caster can do. It's quickly becoming apparent that disc space and persistence of one's artifacts are two key issues for those starting out with 'casts -- be they pod, screen, video or web. The good news is we have Dave and Jeff (aka Marathon Man) to thank as exemplars for those of us who might aspire to follow in their steps.

I have to say that it was a blast to be able to check in on the goings-on at the World Bridges webcastathon. It was an inspiration to be able to connect -- even if I was only listening, and making the occasional post in the chat interface -- with people around the world.

I think that technology provides the means for "real people" the world over who can see the sense in making connections and reaching out to others to make the best of opportunities and situations as they present.

It's scary to me that govenrnments have decided that "all bets are off" in terms of civil liberties and rule of law. My hope is that the 'net provides a way for the people to have a say in how things work themselves out.

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