Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Media on the web

I think that this is the year that media on the web will really make it's presence known. Indeed, 'casting -- be it "old fashioned" blogging, or audio, web or video casting -- continues to become more prevalent all the time.

As I've said elsewhere, the biggest issue that I see in all of this is the logistical and technical. It really is comparatively easy to produce media for the web. The issue then becomes, "what do I do with the media that I've produced?"

When considering this question one is well advised to consider all (or as many as you can think of...) the issues associated with posting media to the 'net. Of course one's primary consideration needs to be one's audience. What type of file format(s) do you intend to offer your audience? What type(s) of connections to the 'net do they have? Apart from considerations of your audience's ability to access your content, the next thing you'll need to consider is where on the 'net you'll post your content.

How much disk space do you have at this location? What will you do once you've filled this space? What contingencies do you have in terms of backups and alternative venues in the event that this space/service "goes away?"

As you might be able to tell from this partial list, there are a number of issues associated with producing and posting media to the 'net. This becomes particularly true when one considers issues of persistence and the media itself. As always watch this space for developments.

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