Monday, February 02, 2004

This week I'm charged with leading the discussion for CTL 1922H @ OISE/UT.
My focus is on "learning (or 'education' as I like to call mine ;-) objects" and ancillary issues:
  • Definition ("semantics and syntax") of objects themselves
  • Copyright and intellectual property concerns (see CreativeCommons for the antidote)
  • Reusability, Standards and Specifications
  • Repositories

As I checked in, via the 'net, on the "usual, object-theorist/practictioner, suspects" (David Wiley, Terry Anderson, Stephen Downes and Norm Friesen) in preparation for this week's discussion, I was really excited to see how much the "conversation" has matured in the time I've been following it.

The conversation, and the tools for recording it -- specifically blogs: repositories of knowledge themselves -- seem to now have a purpose and practicality which makes it more relevant to both knowledge-building and performance improvement efforts.

The development of the Creative Commons -- since I first referred to it here last spring -- is a very good case in point.

Compare the movies here for a "then and now" look at CreativeCommons

The CC has legs -- you can tell by visiting the site, it has an energy and excitement which constitutes the "critical mass" I referenced as a key determinant of success in my OSOSS-based model for the SMART Education Object (SMARTeo).

Unless and until "the inmates are running the institution" in terms of the production of the "tools" (i.e., objects) of learning -- it won't work. It's obvious to my eye that CC is working.

Don't believe me? Check out -=:[EletroBel]:=-

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