Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Currently unable to do school and work-related research due to the fact that several websites I need to access are 404. I'm assuming this is due to "mydoom" wreaking havoc, but who knows.

That's one thing for certain 'bout the 'net. It's "all your eggs in one basket" -- (i.e., when it's offline so are you) -- model makes it difficult at times. As with any endeavour, contingencies and "work arounds" may help, but it's still a pain.

Given that "technical difficulties" are precluding the contribution of 'net-based research to this space at this time, let me tell you about a movie I saw last night.

Butterfly Effect, with Ashton Kutcher.

Have to say I was very impressed with the movie. It's one of the most original (even more so, given it's "Hollywood" pedigree) I've seen in a long while and the performances -- especially Kutcher's -- are first-rate.

It offers a new twist on the "change the past, change the future" theme, and I thought it was extremely well done and highly recommend it as something to do while/if you've some time to kill.

For instance, while you're waiting for your webserver to come back online ;-)

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