Sunday, January 04, 2004

School starts up again for me tomorrow.

I've secured a seat in a Ph.D.-level seminar CTL1922H (Instructional Technology: Seminar in Interactive Video/Graphics with Chris Teplovs) which has me excited.

I'd like to use the course explore use of the SMART Education Object (SMARTeo) model as a template for building "do-it-yourself" interactive video/graphics-based objects with the tools of choice. These "tools" need to be free or shareware, at least to educators -- Windows Media Encoder is an example of such a tool.

The goal is to have a model anyone can use to make an "object" -- "tutorial" if you prefer -- on any topic. Special emphasis to be placed on the production of "accessible" and "usable" objects, especially in terms of bandwidth and "minimum system requirements."

Tomorrow also marks the second anniversary of this 'blog and I look forward to using it over the coming months to track progress on: metatagged, reusable "educational objects" [SMART Education Object -- SMARTeo] and "webMedia" ['net or web-based audiovisual media].

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