Friday, January 09, 2004

Back to YYC to a chinook. About 25 degrees, celsius, warmer than Monday.

Speaking o' "same hotel I'm staying at" -- special thanks to my hosts (friends, if I may) @ Cleveland Corporate Services for the accommodations, amenities and atmosphere. We had a great time in the sessions over the past two days.

Fantastic ownership and staff and guests, and I thank them each for their hospitality.

Had the opportunity to work with a number of colleagues fellow SMARTians if I may -- Messrs. DeHaven, Sage, and Williams [and special thanks to JudyM via Bridgit] for their support over the past two days.

Thanks to each of you. Greatly appreciated. I learned a lot from interacting with these intelligent and effective individuals in both "face-to-face" F2F and CMC "computer mediated communication" environments. A most enjoyable and educational experience. I look forward to exploring how to archive the 'net-based interaction we had today as components of educational "how-to" SMARTeo

Had the opportunity to check back with the gang at -- I've made reference to their HotPotatoes software from the first post of this blog -- the first time they'd ever been mentioned in a weblog, I was told at the time.

Version 6 of the software released in Dec/03.

I also see that they now offer an application called Quandry for building Web-based Action Mazes: Tutorial Examples.

This one I thought was particularly well done.

Quandry looks to me like an offshoot of the JMatch interface. I believe I made a couple of JMatch quizzes which contained pics related to the sign-on procedure for the First Class interface we use @ school (in some courses).

This semester I look forward to using the hotpotatoes line and its cousins it to produce "multimedia" to one's audience without alienating/overwhelming neither the technically nor technologically challenged in my audience.

A worthy challenge, I'd say. The "hook" comes from the fact that these applications are being developed at The Humanities Media and Computing Centre (HCMC), in Victoria, BC.

We're moving to Victoria in the morning -- how good is that?

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