Friday, January 02, 2004

The move is afoot. We're off to Victoria, BC in a week.

I got really excited about the impending move last night when I happened across this URL-- looking at local real estate on the web.

I sent it to myself by email RE: What I did on my winter vacation

I'd bet it's one of the few times you've seen a 19 hole golf course, the 'house here must be referred to as the "20th".

I think "the Golden Bear's" concept is brilliant given the 3-Par 11th hole's island green. When deemed appropriate due to conditions or skill-levels of participants, skip the 12th and play the rest (of course the 19th is also a 3-Par) for your round of 18.

Click here for a hole-by-hole view of the course at the Bear Mountain Golf and Country Club.

Before heading to Victoria, I've got the following "to do" list:

  • Tomorrow head to Montana with my buddy Phil in the morning to pick up my 4Runner in Kalispell, MT -- home Sunday
  • Monday fly to Cinci, then drive to Cleveland for gigs through noon on the 9th
  • Same day we drive to the coast: Victoria -- BC, that is.... :)

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