Sunday, November 09, 2003

Greetings from Dallas. Had an early flight from YYC to DFW this morning. Flying at 0700 hrs gets you where you need to be, but getting up at 0430 hrs is something that I'd like to do on a regular basis.

Had a very hectic week in terms of work, school and volunteer activities. Being involved in all three has meant that my time-management skills get a real work out. Traveling to conduct training sessions for my employer means that I spend a lot of time on preparation and follow up in terms of logistics. I also spend a fair amount of time on the design and development of the curricula we deliver at sessions.

School takes a good deal of time in terms of keeping up with assigned readings and reading and contributing posts to the course discussion threads. We are expected to log into the course interface (WebKF) at least three times a week; however, I try to get in to check posts at least once every two days. Longer than that and I find it difficult to keep up.

Volunteering this week meant two days spent programming base stations and handheld radios in preparation for this year's World Cup ski races at Lake Louise. Indeed, between travel for work, and a couple of stints "at the Lake" working the races, I'll not be spending a whole lot of time in Calgary between now and the end of 2003.

As always, watch this space for details....

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