Saturday, November 01, 2003

Safely back in Calgary.

Had a rant prepared -- "penned at 37,000 ft -- re my experiences on Air Canada today, but fortunately came across something more "post-worthy" along the way.

By the way, Calgary had snow while I was away -- well over a foot of snow which is still on the ground. At least the ghosts are happy =8-o The course crew for World Cup has a smile on their face too no doubt. Every little bit helps.

Halloween ghosts in trees in the Snow

Looks like we've already played the last golf round of the season in this part of the world.
Could have played a round this AM with a colleague from Washington (thanks Gary), but my flight was just a little too early -- the course is right across the river from Reagan.

Thanks to Joel and Michael, as well as Gary, for the contribution each made to the success of yesterday's session hosted in their offices. I know that the participants benefited from the opportunity to interact with each of you. Thanks from me and them.

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