Friday, October 11, 2002

OK -- for those of you reading the Oct 8th entry and saying:

"Duh! Why didn't you [me] take public transit and avoid the traffic?" On the 9th, I tried.

In the process I learned that parking is at a premium in public transportation lots between Burlington and Toronto. I stopped in lots in Burlington (Aldershot actually -- this is where the problems started -- silly me, I'd driven past the "Burlington" sign expecting just that).

There was all the parking you'd ever want but the train was at the next stop -- Burlington. I jumped in the car and head for the next stop -- Oakville. I circled this lot looking for a parking spot long enough to see the train entering the station.

My next stop in search of "park and ride" parking was at the Islingtion subway station. No luck there either. I made my way back to the Gardiner expressway to continue the drive into Toronto and was into the city about the same time as the train. I saw it again just before the Union Station stop.

Suffice it to say that my trip west to Hamilton at the end of the day -- unlike the trip east during "non rush-hour" took longer than it would have on the train ;)

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