Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I'm making this post from Dallas, TX.

I'm here to deliver training at a SMART Master's Event. It's been a rainy couple of days in the Lone Star state. There were some flood warnings on the news last night. Yesterday was windy and overcast, but the rain is holding off for the time being.

As always, the humidity is the most striking aspect of the climate. I walked from my hotel (La Quinta Inn and Suites) to the convention center (City Center) we're presenting at tomorrow and I was soaked with perspiration within minutes of leaving the hotel.

On the academic front, I'm sorry to report that I still haven't been able to find a course to take this semester.

This is especially frustrating given the fact that I've been attempting to secure a spot in a course since the end of June (deadline was mid-August) with no success.

I've sent another e-mail to the registrar expressing my disappointment, asking for suggestions re registration/waiting lists and how best to secure a refund of tuition if no courses are available. I'm hoping that the notion of a "refund" brings a sense of urgency to proceedings -- especially since courses begin today.

The Master's of Education degree -- Curriculum with a specialization in Computer Applications -- I'm taking at OISE/UT is the only one that can be completed entirely online. They may want to begin providing a disclaimer along the lines of "Provided you can get registered in the @#$%ing courses!"

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