Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Another post from Dallas.

I'm not sure what to write on this the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America; however, I feel the need to write something. I find myself dealing with many of the same emotions I had a year ago -- shock, sorrow, anger, disbelief, outrage.

I've been very impressed by the way that Americans have dealt, and are dealing, with the attacks of a year ago. The strength of spirit shown by Americans in general, and New Yorkers in particular, has been inspiring. Stories of individual and collective heroism continue to be broadcast by news media.

For me, the biggest credit to the American people has been the lengths they've gone to ensure the distinction between the perpetrators of these crimes (the so-called "Islamists") and the larger Muslim population. This is a true credit to the memory of those lost a year ago and to the very fabric of the society so viciously attacked.

I personally believe that the agenda of bin Laden and his ilk was to drive a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims with these attacks by engendering fear and mistrust. They misjudged the resolve and integrity of the American people -- individually and collectively -- as evidenced by the response to these attacks.

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