Saturday, September 14, 2002 is two years old and seems to be getting better with age.

I've been a subscriber to the Daily Links for most of this time and consider it to be a fantastic resource. These two gems recently appeared on the same day:

Marty Lucas' Demystifying Metadata -- provides a "way in" for those learning about metadata.

Jay Cross' thoughts on "objects" -- Being Objective -- as they relate to learning is education is another case in point. I'm familiar with the work of Jay and his colleagues at and found his thoughts intriguing. I'm especially interested in the observation that current "object-based" designs don't take instructional design into account.

I was especially interested in what both authors had to say given the relevance to the SMART Education Object (SMARTEO).

My intention from the beginning with SMARTEO has been to ensure accessibility for "non-technical" audiences and include an "instructional design" component directly into each object.

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