Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Today's Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) Technology in Support of Learning and Teaching, lecture:

      The K-12 Classroom of the Future

by Allison Druin, was fantastic. Here's a note I jotted during Dr. Druin's lecture:

3 - 6 yrs of age private and public playschools considered
Only 1-2 kids at computer at a time. Kids naturally gather in "clumps" around computer.
Fair amount of discussion and interaction among kids. "Mouser" didn't do all the work....
Teachers never used the technology with the kids. TV and video are used much less than computers. Generally, only one computer/classroom (14 total rooms)

More information at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab & College of Education, at the University of Maryland.

I was also intrigued by Dr. Druin's thoughts regarding "design partners" -- the "kids" themselves. What a concept! Made we wonder about the impact:

5:38 p.m. Question from Doug Symington: What are your thoughts regarding how your "design partners" are affected by the experience? For instance, in what ways does their involvement affect their view of technology and how it might be used in education?

Visit the Series archive to hear Dr. Druin's response.

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