Thursday, April 11, 2002

edublog "is an initiative to develop a web-based journaling tool (blog) focused on educational use and users." Here's an example from the edublog archive:

Friday, September 21, 2001
Laurel, the Edublog workstudy assistant for 2001-2001 has strarted a blog called Edu-Blogs which will focus on compiling a list of all discussions on blogging, metabloging, and educational use of blogs. You can send stuff directly to Laurel.
Posted 5:03 AM by Jason Nolan

Dr. Jason Nolan and his colleagues at the University of Toronto are doing all kinds of great stuff. Achieve, for instance, is very cool.

I've read a lot this semester about the opportunities for reflection online learning presents. The asynchronous environment lets one reflect before "posting" and to look back on lessons learned. For me the most striking aspect is the snapshot of "process" digital archives provide. Not so much what you know as how you came to know it. Blogs provide an opportunity for anyone to track their learning on any subject.

Speaking of archives, I revisited parts of this week's lecture to provide Dr. Druin's response to my question about "design partners."

She told us that the youngsters she studied (22 individuals between the ages of 3 and 6) became "partners" through a series of "stages." As the preschoolers progressed they were, in turn, learners, critics, inventors, and design partners. As you'd expect, individuals progressed through these stages at different rates. Typically, three months were spent in the "learning" phase.

She added that her current research involves longitudinal studies of the "impact" of this early exposure to technology on learners.

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