Sunday, April 07, 2002

Jay Cross is doing some very interesting research and writing on eLearning.
His Research on Learning and Performance page has many wonderful resources.

One of my favourites was posted on 16 January, 2002:

"An article in eLearning mag by Deloitte's Nick Van Dam has this marvellously lucid graphic [Figure 2. The Online Learning Continuum for skill mastery learning methods] that matches depth of learning to eLearning tools." (link added).

Van Dam tells us, "The Online Learning Continuum shown in figure 2 indicates some possible applications of e-learning methods that can best support each level of skill mastery."


Companies need to take a hard look at their overall learning curriculum and approach, and deliberately use all the appropriate facets of the blended model to create a total learning environment. They need to convert classroom content to e-learning where it makes sense, redesign classroom experiences for high impact when face-to-face interactions are essential, and ensure that the online learning experience is dynamic, engaging, and fun. One resource taking a fresh look at e-learning design is

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