Wednesday, November 09, 2005

T the blogger

My buddy T is blogging, he just doesn't realize it.
Here's a sample about his sons and their exploits on the gridiron:

Round one of the football semi-finals went yesterday.
Mike's senior squad travelled to the much hated Frontenac Falcon lair to face a heavily favoured Falcon team......they clubbed us 28-7 in the regular season.
Our boys took it like Chuck Wepner and dished it like Spot McGlauglin......came down to the last 40 seconds we're down 17-14 with the ball on their 45....2nd and 22 ......Pawliuk rolls left and fires a strike to Flude who gets drilled in the centre of the back and has the ball spring up into the air....[edited]! it's wait....just before it hits the ground O'Donnell scoots in to snatch it and rumble down the left sideline to about the 10....he knows he can't get by the two defenders so he runs out of bounds to stop the clock.
Now it's first down on the 10 with about 20 seconds to go.....Pawliuk rolls right....Flude runs a hook just inside the goal line and Pawliuk hits him right in the bread basket.
Touchdown Holy Cross!
We win 20-14 and are off to the Senior final on Saturday afternoon at Queen's against the farm boys from Sydenham.
The Big Man might not be in the lineup as he had his left shoulder chicken winged early in the game. He played the whole game but I could tell he couldn't really lift it.....he's so tough you'd think he was from Tiger Island.
Sorry no pictures of the big catches as I was too rattled to hold the camera steady.
Johnny's juniors suit up this afternoon in the junior semi vs Regi and hopefully I'll be able to report a Championship double header for the lads

Great stuff.

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