Tuesday, October 21, 2003

A post from San Diego, CA.

I'm here ahead of a training session on the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard tomorrow.

It's good to be back in Southern California, and in San Diego, one of my favorite cities.

In CTL 1000 we've recently turned our attention to the concept of the "hidden curriculum" and how it relates to curriculum development and delivery. While making my way through the recommended readings on the subject, I couldn't help but think of the exposure to rhetoric I had during my undergrad at U of T. Specifically with Dr. Grieg Henderson of the Department of English and how he was fond of saying that what wasn't said was as important as what was -- in a given piece of writing.

Indeed, what the educator doesn't include in a given class on a topic is as important as what is covered in terms of course content. I was also intrigued by what Dr. Terry Anderson had to say -- again in another assigned reading -- in terms of the hidden curriculum in distance education. Regular readers of this blog will recognize Dr. Terry as one of the speakers I interacted with during the KMDI's spring lecture series of a couple of years back.

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