Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Another post from Minnetonka. The last post was abbreviated thanks to the latest virus lovesan/blaster.... I had to get the post made prior to my XP-enabled laptop shut itself down.

Training session with faculty and staff of the Minnetonka school district has gone well -- I really do enjoy working with teachers during the Master's Sessions we deliver. It's great to see educators excited by the possibilities that interactive whiteboards represent for technology integration in the classroom.

I'm currently in the process of downloading/installing patches for another laptop. (I've got two laptops with me on this trip -- turned out to be a good thing given my problems with the other laptop).

Unfortunately I've got a number of video files on the afflicted laptop I've been working on for my term project for CTL 1611, the summer course I'm enrolled in at OISE/UT.

A couple more session tomorrow and then I'm back to Calgary to see what I can salvage from my virus-ridden laptop.

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