Friday, June 13, 2003

I've added some links to the SMARTeo model on the SMART Ideas(R) software Server.

The nice thing about SMART Ideas(R) Software is the ease of posting navigable links to all the levels of your "concept map." Click on layers of the model above to explore "inside" the model. Making maps for activities and tutorials is as easy as drawing and producing objects and saving them to the server. examples.

Your development group can work on the model on the server -- synchronously where practicable -- and keep a record of how the concept came to fruition.

The "Playback" feature allows newcomers to "see what's happened" to the model since last visited. Good way to provide a context of "how we got to this point" in project completion.

RussW also asked me about another offering from SMART Technologies Inc., Bridgit Data-conferencing Software. Bridgit allows for data-conferencing -- desktop to desktop -- without an install on the "client" (your!) PC.

We have truly state-of-the-art technology in "interactive whiteboards" and related products at SMART Technologies Inc., and I feel very fortunate to be able to work with our hardware and software on a daily basis.

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