Thursday, June 12, 2003

Did some work on the SMART Ideas(R) Server last night. My buddy Russ stopped by and I took him on a tour of the model. Russ indicated he'd like to see voice-over-IP(VOIP) added.

SMART Ideas(R) software now supports synchronous chat, but Russ' point -- over the phone last night -- is well taken. "Voice conferencing" is very valuable in tutoring beginning users of technology.

Russ also mentioned that issues of copyright are particularly tricky -- especially in terms of altering exisiting objects for reuse. To wit, while in looking at what CANCORE had to say about Rights I happened across a couple of gems.
  • One regarding the intent of the specification:
    Rather than being a rigid, parsable set of rules, CanCore encourages common, consensual element semantics that have their own benefit in increased resource discovery and metadata interoperability.

  • and a reference to the Creative Commons which in turn led to this Flash tutorial on the difference between "the Big C" and "cc" -- Get Creative

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