Monday, April 07, 2003

More from Phoenix, AZ.

Yesterday I managed to get out for some golf. I played nine holes at the Maryvale Golf Course, one of the municipal golf courses operated by the city of Phoenix.

Following the round I headed to range to work on my swing.

As you can see from the animated GIF below, it needs work ;-)

An animated GIF of me working the kinks out of my swing

I used the AMI GIF Construction Set to make this animation out of a series of JPG files I made with the Screen Capture Tool of SMART Notebook software and Microsoft Paint.

I used Notebook to take a series of "area captures" of a QuickTime (MOV) movie I'd made of my swing. I then copied and pasted these "captured" images into Paint and saved each as a JPG. I then used the GIF Constructor Set Animation Wizard to make the animation.

You can see that a couple of the frames were a different size than the rest. This resulted in the "white lines" across the bottom and sides of a couple of frames in the animation above.

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