Friday, April 11, 2003

I'm still working with different types of webMedia and am having fun. One of my colleagues (Geoff) in CTL 1799 has been able to clue me in to some of the differences between WAV and MP3 files and I look forward to presenting some examples of each, if I can.

During discussions with my prof in CTL 1799 the topic of "objects" has arisen again. Seems as though there are a lot of questions within our group about objects and how exactly they might work in educational settings. Regular readers of this blog will know that this is an answer I've been "in search of" since I began this forum in January 2002.

I keep coming back to the work of David Wiley at Utah State University. I first happened across Wiley's work when tracking references M.David Merrill made at last year's Training Conference in Atlanta. Again, this is old news for some of you. The point is that I continue to be impressed with Wiley's work, and he's been busy.

His Keeping the Baby and the Bathwater page provides an example of the "state of the art" where objects are concerned and is a good point of entry for anyone wanting to know more about objects and how they're being used. The bathwater page contains a reference to eduCommons -- here's a link to a "quiz" I made with a development tool they've produced.

Those interested in knowing more about objects will find the Wiley's Writings page valuable for the wealth of information on object-based education.

I see that Wiley has added a link to his blog since the last time I visited his site (i.e., within the last month).

Wiley continues fantastic work in this area and I look forward to continuing to keep abreast of the "good works" he's involved in and continue to believe very strongly in the efficacy of the "social system" outlook he brings to the examination of objects and on-line learning communities.

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